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The Revenant .... 'finally saw it.

Posted on February 5, 2017 at 12:11:25
Frontier FIOS is trying to appease its customers in the Seattle area by offering a few months of free STARZ, SHOW & HBO. The appeasement is to do with an issue separate from the subject line which probably deserves its own thread.

Anyway I did watch The Revenant all the way through and felt it was a good film. Descriptive adjectives come to mind like these: harrowing, epic, brutal, psychotic monster, gritty, revenge and not far from the reality.

Fur trappers in 1830's Wyoming territory. In the mountains. Cold, cold, cold. Perhaps the one issue where this film errs is in the behavior of its cast with regard to human exposure to the mountainous winter environment. We see these guys wading into a river stream, middle of winter, wearing no protective clothes other than their usual attire. Should have been more cases of frostbite, loss of limbs, fingers and toes.

Apart from that I enjoyed this film.
re: that Grizzly bear. This must be the best ever "bear attacking a human" episode I've seen. The bear has to be a cgi construct....but very well done. Best ever, perhaps. And the bear behavior seems plausible as well.

The depiction of native Americans seemed appropriate. Perhaps it is a fair approximation of different indian tribes moving through their environments and warring against the encroachment of their territories by these rough and tumble white men. Yet the movie does not make any overt political satements throughout any of this. On the surface it seems to be a plausible accounting.

The fur trappers; A rowdy, rough group of misfits. These guys have devolved into an approximation of what was once white man's ancient barbaric ancestry. Kill or be killed. Death; it is not far away for any of them. The spirit of John Wayne wasn't anywhere near this movie. There was no glory. Just death or survival; and human reaction to those conditions.

A good viewing for those with strong constitutions. Not suitable for small children.



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