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'Collide': Drive goes Euro . . .

Posted on February 26, 2017 at 21:38:05
Billy Wonka

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October 15, 2013
Two Americans in Cologne. One working the bar, the other working drug sales. They collide in the frenetic club scene where they work and begin a fast friendship-love affair. Casey (Hoult) must give up his drug job in order to please Juliette (Jones). He does so and ends up being a regular working stiff just getting by. Soon we find that Juliette needs a kidney and their immigrant status will not allow a transplant. Casey must go back to his old boss, Geran (Kingsley), to get his job back. Geran has a bigger idea which is to rip off his drug lord supplier, Hagen (Hopkins) for mega bucks and revenge. Off we go on a botched hijack, high-speed chases, gun play, and a few beatings. The car crashes are almost as violent as the killings so we could say they are equally satisfying.

Hopkins and Kingsley are two over-eccentric villains who are polar opposites. Hopkins is an aristo German while Kingsley is a very down-to-earth Muslim immigrant. One supplier, the other the wholesaler. They have a classic and interesting conversation in the beginning that sets the tone of revenge for Kingsley against Hopkins.

Before I went in I was a bit concerned that the director was going to attempt to make Jones a hottie. Phew, did not happen. Jones was a kind of cute but an average girl in the same way Hoult was portrayed. No superfluous glamor--that was left for the hookers in the background.

This was a typical "overseas" film trying to be an American action-thriller. Outside of a few spectacular crashes this was pretty much business as usual for the red, white, and blue movie goer. If you are so inclined just wait for cable.


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