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Patriot on Amazon streaming- and now for something completely different

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 16:52:20

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The reference in my title is to Monty Python. And while this series is very different, it does share one common characteristic- silliness. This show is not afraid to get very silly.

So it's ostensibly a spy story. Spying is the family business, the main character, his father and brother all take part in dark ops. The father cooks up a plan to fund some Iranian people to stop the nuclear program. He recruits his son John (main character) to simply get the money from A to B. Many complications ensue.

So the main character is a folk singer, who tends to spill his guts about such topics as Iran nuclear centrifuges in his coffee house gigs. His spy job requires a good amount of assault and murder, and he is in a deepening depression about the whole mess. His poorly chosen cover story requires him to hire in as a piping engineer, a job for which he is poorly qualified.

Meanwhile, there are all sorts of quirky side characters, with names such as Jack Birdbath. There is an icily efficient Luxembougian police woman, who has uncanny instincts and has a deep understanding of rock paper scissors.

All in all, it owes a big debt to Wes Anderson, has some big laughs, but mostly giggles. The 10 episodes drag at times. It's gotten extremely mixed reviews I have found.

It is quite a gentle fictional universe. The people are nice. They don't always do nice things, but it's a nice place to visit. In the end, I enjoyed spending time there, and if another season shows up, I will check it out too.


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