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RE: John Wick 2...spoilers, maybe, maybe not really, I dunno....whatever

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ok. I rented it thanks to positive posts in this thread.

My take:
Without doing any web searches, I get the feeling that this movie is a live action of a graphic novel. but then I did a web search and the answer to my question is: Not So. It is just choreographed and written that way.

But now there is, apparently, a graphic novel (comic book) based on the movie franchise. Somebody must be gaining some wealth on this one.

This society of assassins. Does the phrase "far fetched" apply? It might, depending on my mood. Depending upon what I ate before viewing. Would whiskey help? Etc.

Fighting choreography. So it appears that Reeves did some of his own stunt work and in other scenes there was a stand-in stunt guy. I found myself studying and judging this aspect during this first viewing. Hmmm Not as artful, I thought, as have been the fighting sequences in previous movies like "The Matrix". Less cgi, more reality in the fight, I guess.

Plot? Well it seems that Wick's favorite car was trashed. His cool house was destroyed. And he killed his marker holder...a very strict taboo. This must lead in to the next movie, I presume. Motive, such as it is.

Other notes: As Reeves arrives into his middle years of life, his facial details seem to adapt well toward characters bent upon revenge, or, otherwise, characters that dwell within the dark side-unseen world like this one.

For this viewing it left me kind of....meh. Next Wick movie, definitely, I'll try some Bourbon. That should help. It guess it means that I'll likely watch that too. Once probably.


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