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RE: it looks fun...the Chicago venue seems very timely..

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Highest murder rates in the country are in Chicago the past year or so. We've got a middle aged white-guy / architect going around shooting, and other-wise putting to death, the low-life types that murdered his wife....again? Looks like. Just like in 1972 with Bronson.

re: that first movie. I find, these days, that to view movies from the seventies I need to get in a frame of mind that will allow me to over-look the style and approach to film-making common to that time. And this movie is typical of that. It is the same with that other popular Bronson flick; The Mechanic.

At the time there was lots of conversation in the lunch room about Death Wish. It must have been somewhat ground breaking for its time since it got so much attention from us 'dogs on the street' types.


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