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I thought your postings would hold some truth but that is not the case here so you are misleading people with dishonesty. Sorry for you but you make me sick.

For your information. A Dutch retailer told me and my cousin some time ago that AV receivers less than 3000 sound rubbish. Buy good stereo equipment was their advice to my cousin who was looking for new gear. This Dutch retailer has ended his AV surround activities because there was little interest in this AV surround equipment they told me.

Recently I was at a high-end show in Utrecht and there was no AV surround equipment and it was all focused on stereo equipment and I was really impressed by the sound of tube amplifiers and vinyl.

In Europe we have a depression and people are going back to the things that will survive the test of time. I am not sure that AV surround equipment makers will money in this difficult economical situation. Even Sony is losing money with their AV surround business.

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