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RE: My cousin and Disbeliever share the same passion about Sony ES

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You are underestimating the creativity of a woman. There where others who also believed your Sony ES story. You have given proof with a picture and you are making jokes about the Sony str-da5400es. I am not a big fan of AV receivers and my cousin has only the str-da2400es which is an entry model but he wants an upgrade to the str-da5700es model.

My cousin has the Sony scd-xa5400es sacd player connected with HDMI to his Sony str-da5400es AV receiver and he also talks about HATS just as Disbeliever. My cousin and Disbeliever are two of a kind and share the same passion about Sony ES.

When I bought the Sony scd-xa9000es SACD player I did not know what ES stands for and later my cousin told me the that is "Extremely High Standard" or "Extreme Standard Series". What is in a name? You tell me.

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