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Roku proved a disapointing Failure

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Bought one yesterday.. a Roku 2 (wireless and cable capable)
Effing thing would not connect wirelessly.. 3 hours of troubleshooting later, I plugged in an ethernet cable direct to my Modem.
It at least connected and got into the setup nonsense, eventually, about 1 out of 4 tries.
Oddly the router and my Computer recognised the Roku instantly.
Sooo.. NOT a Router /puter issue.
Also discovered that One needs Sign Up ! with Roku and give them a Credit card # before it will Activate (didn't work either).. When it finally gets that far.
Not likely will I would willingly 'sign up'with an open Credit Card Account..given that I have an existing Netflix account.

Seems the Roku is merely a vehicle for extracting Coin.

Odd how ..No One.. especially the sales types.. mentions the gotta sign up/gimme your credit Card.. gambit
Largely irrelevant as MY copy Roku (at least) was non functional.
Roku Junk..went back to the store for a Full refund 5 hours after purchase.
Caveat Emptor.. kids
I will buy a 'smart' TV .

Edits: 09/27/16

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