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"Western:" from Germany comes a tense film depicting the

Posted on June 3, 2020 at 09:59:30

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April 8, 2006
wary interactions between a group of German construction workers and the inhabitants of the nearby Bulgarian town. Slowly, foreboding builds from a seemingly unserious incident in a river between the off-duty workers and some local women.

Raising the heat is the attitude among the Germans that the Bulgarians are beneath them, that they should be welcoming to boorish behavior--- the Germans, after all, are there to help them!

The center of the film is the intriguing character of Meinhardt, played by amateur Meinhardt Neumann--- and he brings an authenticity that indeed would be perfect for an American "western;" taciturn, solitary, but able to defend himself. Contrast his style with that of Eastwood's "nameless" character: the squinting, scowling, cigarillo-chewing, spitting. Meinhardt needs none of that, he simply "is."

Highest recommendation in the category of "small films."

(available on Kanopy as is a similar, greater Russian film, though much harder, "My Joy").


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