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"Désiré: a most beautiful mistress of a high-ranking French minister

Posted on November 13, 2020 at 09:00:58

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April 8, 2006
hires a valet who has a secret that places both his employer and himself in jeopardy.

Sasha Guitry directs and stars as the amazingly verbose, clever and charming majordomo. The ravishingly beautiful Jaqueline Delubac dazzles as the mistress, and the super-star Arletty is his foil, starring as the maid-de-chambre.

There is no real plot, here. It is a play and the beauty rests in the rapid-fire dialogue that has an earthiness and sexual frankness not to be found in American films of the time. Not vulgar, but exceedingly and cleverly racy for any era--- and this was 1936.

The Russian born Guitry was the dominant force in French theater for decades, with dozens of successful plays. He had some definite film successes also, including the wrongfully neglected, "Napoleon."

Delubac, btw, died at the age of 90 after being struck by a bicycle.

(I wonder how Patrick would have reacted to this post...).

Available for free for those with a Kanopy account which is available from one's local participating library.


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