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I have an Emotiva XMC-1 factory refurb sitting in the box...

Posted on July 15, 2020 at 16:25:58
Jim Pearce

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Joined: January 4, 2002
At $1199 with the HDMI 2.0b board installed, how could I go wrong? This will replace my 15 year old Anthem AVM-20 and bring my big old 5.1 Paradigm/Bryston system up to a pretty uniform 2016 standard, getting the best from my 55" LG OLED C7 and Oppo bdp-105.

Next year I'll update the TV in the bedroom to a new OLED (from a plasma) and add one of those 3.1.2 beam forming soundbars with Atmos. And that's about it - the end of the road for me.


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