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does plugging HDMI ARC into an output device disable the TV inboard speakers?

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I see nothing in the Samsung NU8000 manual that details this. My objective is to have an HDMI to RCA converter so I can plug the TV into the "big rig" -- which is far too old to have HDMI inputs.

The TV also has an optical out, but I'm pretty sure enabling that disables the speakers and vice versa.

Then on the fairly rare occasion, I can spark up the hifi and listen to a two channel stereo rather than some 2" TV speaker. I just don't want to have to do it 100% of the time, or have to consciously tweak some TV control to turn off the HDMI ARC link.

So in short, I want the TV to use it's speakers all the time, and when switch the hifi to the appropriate input, hear it over the stereo.

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