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"The Dawns Here Are Quiet:" (miniseries) (spoiler alert!) worth watching for insight into

Posted by tinear on November 3, 2020 at 06:18:32:

another culture's retrospective on WWII, but what should have been a riveting bunch of set pieces in the forest, to me, became a run of rather ridiculous occurrences.

Waterfall: what happened to the other half of that duo? Did he just figure his friend disappeared for no reason?

Firefights: a dozen heavily armed elite paratroopers can't defeat two sub machine guns and several single-loading rifles? Not too elite. And what's with elite troops marching in lockstep a few paces apart into fire? One or two grenades, only, in the elite group? And after his "girls" get slaughtered, sarge is going to march those 3 Nazis back, across that marsh? Don't think so!

Up to that, I was okay with the story, characterizations, etc. At some point, credibility has to enter into a war film, however.