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I make celebration of Great Patriotic War . . .

Posted by Billy Wonka on August 20, 2021 at 21:55:51:

'Panfilov's 28'

A small group of men had inherited the task of stopping a German column from breaking through to Moscow. The platoon was down to 28 men who were a diverse group forced into fighting Panzer attacks while making Great Patriotic dialog! Made in 2016, this plays like a propaganda film from the war. It can turn into a giggle fest at times.

The 28 looked to have two small antitank cannons and a singular antitank rifle. I have never seen an antitank rifle in any movie so when I saw the previews I knew I had to geek out and see it. The special effects guys got all the Panzer 3 and 4 features correct which shows how seriously the war is taken. Both the rifle and cannon focused on "busting" the tracks of the Panzers not trying to penetrate the armor (which was actually thin).

The attacks were fierce and the dialog was "GI funny". Those 28 took big losses but managed to discourage the Panzers to go elsewhere. I actually liked this film because it was "enlightening" of how Russia is still selling its people the concept of the "Great Patriotic Union".

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'Convoy 48'

Two college girls are pressed into the locomotive service to become engineers and conductors. We follow two best friends who are summoned (thinking they could say no) for interviews and then are suddenly led out to a new way of living. Ew. The girls had a hard time adjusting to railroad life fraught with German attacks and masher males looking for a diversion,

This turns into a womens' channel production complete with tons of "great patriotic dialog". There is action and whiffs of romance but it is hard to put it all together while striving to deliver to Leningrad.

This was made in 2019 and I marveled, once again, as to why such films are made. The production values were off the chart for such a thinly veneered reality story.

War junkies should avoid this one.

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The trailers are deceptive.