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L-R information on video

Posted by Tom Schuman on November 3, 2020 at 16:00:36:

Hi inmates,
Just a little head-scratcher to distract from the returns, or lack of, tonight.
Many of us have been forced into video streaming.
But few of us have learned to read right to left.
If you go into the settings in your webcam, you can choose being a mirrored image, or being a straight 'left to right' image of yourself (try it!! if your viewers have to read text, you better know the difference).
I know that I have some trouble reading backwards. Upside down might even be easier.
Can you all say, with certainty, that you can tell a reversed video image from a non reversed video image, when the image is your own face?
It's not phase, it's not polarity, it's left to right.
In other words, can you distinguish yourself as seen by someone else, from yourself, as seen by you in the mirror? (This question, as stated, cannot be answered correctly).
Because I can't read text too well in the mirror, if I hold it up to the mirror.
Just sayin' ... ?
After all, if recording engineers habitually mixed up left from right, and never knew the difference, there would be no more stereo image possible...
And this comment does come on election night, because, perhaps like you, I still scratch my head about why anyone in their right mind can vote for the ripoff artist from Queens over the former Vice President as President of the United States. After four disastrous years of the former.
Thanks for your input. This is not a troll. :)
Cheers all.