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LOGAN, ...highly recommended.

Posted on March 11, 2017 at 14:21:19

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Yes, it's action & FX. Yes, it's derived from a comic book source (X-Men). Yes, there are some genre tropes and stereotypes, but this is a movie that puts the whole concept of a superhero mythos into perspective in one well wrapped package. Before getting into the nuts and bolts, both Logan and Deadpool need brief comparison as they both turn a mirror on the superhero genre in entirely different ways.

Deadpool disassembled superhero tropes through satire, but audiences were always aware of it being the genre poking fun at itself. Logan, is just the opposite. There are no in-jokes, crude sarcasm, narrator, costumed heroes. Logan is all about the harsh realities of being defined as the "other" in a fearful society and being hunted down by those granted legal authority to kidnap, torture or kill without due process.

And yet, this isn't a polemic. There's no card status or deportation elements that would push this film into either a clearly defined or thinly veiled political massage. While there are obvious border references and a pervasive "us vs. them" theme, the mercenaries hired to hunt down mutants operate without oversight on both sides of the border. While the bad guys are ruthless In the extreme, they aren't the focus of the story. Logan's plot involves child trafficking, experimentation on children and the choice decent people make to get involved or stay on the sidelines.

Rather than provide spoilers, I'd recommend seeing the movie. Don't expect a traditional love story or any gratuitous eye candy, this flick has neither. For those who love superhero and/or action movies, there's plenty here to satisfy. For those looking for something a bit deeper with enough thought provoking story content to satisfy cerebral discussion, there's that too.

Depending on preference, I'd rate this movie 3 jars of grey poupon to 4 bags of popcorn.



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RE: LOGAN, ...highly recommended., posted on April 3, 2017 at 09:16:08

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I just saw this movie this weekend. I agree, a good movie. Much different than the typical super hero type of movie.


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