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Help me complete my system...

Posted on March 21, 1999 at 06:51:35

I am assembling what I feel is the ultimate mid-range system. So far I have the following:

Paradigm Studio 80's
Paradigm Studio 450 center
Paradigm PS 10 subwoofer
B&K 4430 3 channel amp for front¢er
B&K 4420 For surrounds
Monster Cable speaker wire, Bi-wired

Still need the following:

Pre-Amp (Considering Marantz AV 600 or Adcom GFP-750)
Rear Speakers (considering Paradigm in wall)
Interconnects (need help here)
Surge Protection (ditto)

Any comments, advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

System is located in a large family room/ kitchen area

Use will be approx. 50/50 Home theatre/ music




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Re: Help me complete my system..., posted on April 3, 1999 at 06:48:03
I would be careful about your rear speakers. Are you going to be purchasing alot of DTS software? If so you might want to match your fronts a little closer. I bought the B&K Ref 20 and it seems to be just fine. It is one of the lowest priced pre amps that is upgradeable...good luck!..


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