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How do you.....

Posted on December 27, 2016 at 18:51:14

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October 31, 2005
No more cable or SAT. I'm going to use a couple of cheap things over the net like maybe Sling and Netflix. I'm going to put up an antenna for over the air.

I get antennas, I'm a ham, I have a decent antenna and rotor I will put up at about 24 feet. What I don't get is these HD tuners. Am I going to have to scan for each rotor direction? I have stations I will receive in three directions. On all these TVs I've seen you do one scan and that's it. Don't tell me I have do a new scan each time I move the rotor. I've done scans and moved the antenna back to a previous direction and manually entered a channel number that worked in that direction but no go. You have to rescan with the changed direction? Say it ain't so. I've seen no TV tuner with preset banks.

Also there seems no info on these TVs to compare tuner quality. Your thoughts welcomed.


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RE: How do you....., posted on December 28, 2016 at 13:26:06

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It ain't so! The scan just presets the channels that are strong enough for the TV to display and only has to be done once, although you might want to scan once a year to see if any new channels are available. If the stations in the other two directions are not strong enough they will not be picked up during the initial scan. I believe (not sure though) if you reposition the antenna and scan again you will lose all your previous presets so it would be better to scan the direction where the most channels are available and then reposition and manually add/edit the additional channels. Once the channels are preset you do not have to rescan or re-add them even when changing position.

"I've done scans and moved the antenna back to a previous direction and manually entered a channel number that worked in that direction but no go."

Even if you wiped out the previous presets if you manually enter a valid channel it should still work. You may have entered the channel number of the station instead of the actual channel it was broadcasting on.

As for tuner quality it's not like an FM tuner for longer distances. They are not the weak link for local broadcasts. If you are not receiving a broadcasted channel it will almost always be because of the signal strength, interference, antenna or antenna position.


RE: How do you....., posted on December 29, 2016 at 20:31:37
Mr Peabody

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Also with the over the air, it's digital, so you will either receive it, or not. It's not like the old days where you might get it in but with some snow, then try to adjust.

Your main channel may have addition channels too. As an example. our PBS station comes in on 9, but you hit the channel up button and it will go to 9.1, 9.2, and so on until no more stations. We have the regular 9, one may be 24 hours PBS kids, one may be news, or just more PBS type programming. One of our other stations has a .1 which is all old TV programs, which is great. So even if you get 4 to 6 OTA stations you could really have a couple dozen. The HD signal is usually very good. Another local has their own 24 hour weather on a .n channel.

If it helps, from what I understand all these digital stations are in the UHF band.


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