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TV vs DVD vs media computer to stream Netflix and YouTube into 2-channel audio system

Posted on September 4, 2023 at 12:38:26

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Which is better- a TV, DVD, media computer, or something else for streaming YouTube and Netflix 2-channel audio into my DAC? I don't have any DVDs so would only consider that if it had a higher quality (less jitter, etc.) output than the TV.

My DAC has inputs for Toslink, Coax, AES

The TV would be the simplest option, but not sure it's the best given jitter issues?

Granted, YouTube and Netflix do not have the "best" audio quality, but I want to make them sound as good as they can through my high-end DAC (msb), and tube components (Aesthetix pre, Atma-Sphere amp) driving single driver horns.



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RE: TV vs DVD vs media computer to stream Netflix and YouTube into 2-channel audio system, posted on September 5, 2023 at 18:53:00
budget fi

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Toslink from your TV will be as good as anything. I find that the worst quality comes from apps such as YouTube, youtube tv, sling, Fubo just to name a few that don't have a true dd signal. If you use a fire stick, Roku or smart tv apps like hbo max, Netflix, prime, showtime just to name a few actual have better dd audio all the way up to dd 5.1 If its an add on to the first mentioned apps it's lower quality. FWIW cable providers and ota also have excellent audio.


Threadbare..., posted on October 8, 2023 at 11:28:41

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...or just late to the thread?

Either way, I'm biased toward the "media computer" per se'. I haven't had a TV in over 25 years (ever since C-band parabolics went out of style). My media (Win) PC has had TV/Sat tuner cards of various iterations over the years, and used Daum PotPlayer, Foobar 2000 and Sichbo PVR to ingest varied media from IP streams and over-the-air antennas. I watch vids and concerts over the same near-field monitor I lurk the Asylums on.

However this also relies on USB for eventual routing to the DAC in play. All a part of the audio system that runs 24/7; you might say its part of the family by now...

I find this arrangement to provide the flexibility I desire, but also presents and expects a willingness to accept an eventual need for addressing a different set of tweaks than normally found in your traditional path to audio Nirvana.


RE: TV vs DVD vs media computer to stream Netflix and YouTube into 2-channel audio system, posted on October 12, 2023 at 07:31:41

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I'm contemplating the same thing and posted an inquiry about the NVIDEA Shield Android TV Pro. Unfortunate no on has an opinion... not sure if that's good or bad.

My take on this product is:

technology kind of old but still seems to work well and auto updates keep the software fresh.

It's kind of redundant with smart TV's and all the other Video streaming "baked in" type products.

The die hard fans of this product state that the audio is superior to these other streamers. Which really gets my attention

Right now I'm on the fence and although pretty cheap as far as audiophile stuff goes, I'm worried that as soon as I pull the trigger on this they'll put out the next generation which seems over due.


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