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RE: HD antenna to HDMI for primetime shows

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We haven't cut the cable yet but some of our TVs are "over the air" only fed by a HDTV antenna.

My first HDTV experience was in 2004 when 9News in Colorado broadcast our State's first ever HDTV signal. The preliminary setup had their transmitting antenna on top of a high rise building (not that high up) in downtown Denver. I needed a decent outdoor antenna pointed at Denver to pickup the signal. Back then TV's didn't have a built-in HDTV tuner like your Samsung. I had to buy a $300 external HDTV tuner from BestBuy to hookup to my Sony XBR Trinitron CRT TV.

We are pretty fortunate now that most of our Denver area broadcasters share a massive transmitting antenna high atop Lookout Mountain in Golden CO that overlooks the entire Denver Metro area. With all signals coming from one location we don't have to worry about repositioning our antenna for best reception of each station.

Connect the antenna coax to your Samsung. If the over the air broadcast is in surround sound your Samsung will decode it out of its HDMI eARC port (or Toslink optical port). In a few cases the over the air HDTV broadcasts will actually look sharper than what comes over our CableTV which is especially nice for live sports.

Wall mounted antenna in front guest bedroom picks up about 50 stations:

This weather proof antenna mounted outside is for our basement 75" TV:

RadioShack antenna for HDTV reception.
I had it pointed at downtown Denver:

This was back in 2004.

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